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Subject :1st place - Griselda
Date :9/10
T'was during a time in Yuri's mighty reign,
when the Tri-kingdoms started to prosper and gain.
Untold power was gifted to every path known to man,
but for one group, a darker twist of fate was in plan.

Such lore I dare speak of has been lost to time,
so listen closely, my new friend of mine.
The winds of these lands still echo their name,
but what remains of them is ash - not even a flame.

When the gods bestowed the paths with such generous power,
Twelve circles of paths grew within that hour.
Many rejoiced at their new founded strength.
Some however became greedy, beyond their mortal length.

It was one circle in particular that suffered from this,
causing their family to go awry, and soon amiss.
They were known as the Shadows, beings of tremendous might,
known for their prowess in battle, ready to fight.

Their very own blades were unable to be seen by our eyes,
as they slashed and hacked many men to their demise.
To be engulfed by the shadows was a blessing no doubt,
gaining favor with these folk, admiration and clout.

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you the truth,
but the shadows were struck down during such a great youth.
For the leader decided to take power into their own hands,
and cast out thy brethren - scattering them across the lands.

The Gods wept at this act, and many were in shock,
word swept across the kingdom in rumors and talk.
Not a single Shadow was to be seen from that moment on,
not even during twilight, nor before the next dawn.

However this legend still has a glimmer of light,
for rumor has it that the shadows still roam at night.
In the land of the dead, far south from kingdom walls,
A group of Shadow descendants gather within dark halls.

Now you know of the legend of a path that is no more,
but I wish for you to heed my words, I earnestly implore:
Prithee, be careful if you decide to see them out.
For playing with shadows may lead you down a dark route.