Board :Poetry
Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :Revels to Riches - part II
Date :9/13
Revels to Riches - part II

2. Using someone's work other than your own is an extremely serious matter. Not only is plagiarizing unethical and immoral, but it is also grounds for expulsion from Colleges or Universities and is grounds for termination from employment from any writing or publishing environment.  Kru must take a similar view on plagiarism.  Since Kru Inc. in effect becomes the "Publisher" of your work; Kru Inc. must endeavor to prevent publishing plagiarized work.  

So, by entering in the Poetry Revels you are certifying that your entry is your own original work and that you have all rights to it.  You understand that submitting work that is not your own can result in not only in those penalties prescribed by Kru, but you may be liable for damages outside of Kru as allowed by those laws pertaining to copyright infringement.  You are further certifying that you are allowing Kru to publish your work electronically on Nexus and Kru, and thus putting your work into the public domain.

3. The Law 91 on the law board, as posted by Cerulean is incorporated herein and made a part hereof: "Anyone caught plagiarizing any poems for any reason will be jailed with the term of Serious other.   Plagiarizing would be submitting any poem you did not write yourself for the purpose of this contest.  This includes but is not limited to taking any poem from the Internet or a book, taking poems from other players, buying poems from players (as well those who sold the poem).  You will also be jailed for attempting to bribe any player, Poems or an Archon to vote for your poem."

4. Any party who buys a poem will be jailed for other serious and banned; this is also a form of plagiarism.  Also, the party who has sold the poem will share the same fate as the party who purchased it and WILL BE BANNED and jailed for serious other.  Should you obtain EE san by illegal means and are caught, you will be stripped of that title as well.

5. Should any of these rules be broken, it will result in disqualification, possible banning from future Revels and Story Contests and possible justice consequences.

6. If you should have any queries about these rules or have evidence or knowledge of them being broken, please contact either Poems or the Revels Archon via n-mail.

7. You may not submit an entry if you have been banned from Revels to Riches or the Story Contest. Ban legend marks are permanent but they can be removed by following the steps below:


A banned character may appeal to Archons of Revels to receive a quest for their ban removal, once at least 8 Hyuls have passed since their banned mark. The request must be done in writing and sent via n-mail. At that time, Player is expected to make an apology post on Community Board as well as Chronicles of the Winds. Once the request is approved, Archon of Revels will guide the player through the following four steps, which must be completed in sequence:

a) Must be pardoned by the Royal Court, ban from Revels, where  the mark is "Serious  Other"

b) Player has to reach and maintain Angel Karma or above

c) The banned character must donate to Koguryo Ministry 1,000,000 Coins  towards Ministry Poetry Reading Prizes

d) Participate in Revels/Story contest. Upon earning a victory you will publically forfeit your victory and issue an apology (no marks will be given).

If the character does not win after submitting at least 20 entries, then that will equate to winning and they will be allowed to complete this part. These 20 submissions must be done within 2 calendar years.

At the completion of all parts, quester will have his ban brand removed and will once again be allowed to enter and complete in Story/Revel contests.

Important side note:  During the entire time the quest is given, should the player get entangled in another unlawful situation their quest will be considered no longer valid.

Archon of Revels