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Subject :4th HM by Apocalyptix
Date :9/20
Chung Ryong, a widespread path of noble warriors
It was not my choice, but I was born within these walls
Through the battlegrounds, victory opened these doors
Very few will make the strongest group fall.

Born in the midst of a winter blizzard
First breath into this inexorable world
Sight, touch, and smell; Everything blurred
One thing was sure, I must be bold.

At a very young age I gained my first mark
I was on a journey soon to truly embark
It was tradition for every young man to depart
Anything brought home determined our strength and start.

Being in the Chung Ryong family is never effortless
Some come, some go, and its a devastating mess
Only the courageous man will survive throught endless trials
The ones that fail, usually in denial.

I was given Ohaeng!
I wanted otherwise, but this had no room for change
Either I prove my strength for all ive been given
Or I disappoint, am mistaken, and become forgotten.

Its been thousands of years to come
generation after generation
Everyone wanted to emerge as someone
Chung Ryong is my familys creation.

I sought out the most dangerous mortal soul
One that wound indefinitely prove my devotion
Deep in the woods, the fearsom unslain Ghoul
Known for more than its devastating corruption
And dont get it wrong, there is no assumption
This beast suffers from nothing but evil.

Drenched in sweat, tears, mostly blood
I finally arose from the depths that gnaw
I stood there, held up high that beasts hood
All elders and Primogens in awe
I am noble!