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Subject :3rd HM by Rust
Date :9/20
Being lost at birth my original crime,
From the deepest dregs unable to climb.
A petty thief my sole occupation,
Sneered at by those of higher station.

My putrid life filled with toil and strife,
Stealing rings and gems with edge of knife.
Sleeping on dirty streets, one eye wide,
No companions nor friends found at my side.

Yet on that fateful night I tormented lay,
Recounting your actions and words from that day.
Into your fine house I had stealthily crept,
As I filled my bag, from darkness you stepped.

Stronger and faster you easily met my stride,
Hardened grip on my arm, I had no where to hide.
"You are better than this" I heard you teach,
Tone of kindness and love, my soul was reached.

A gift given that day no other had tried,
Your humility and love had removed my pride.
First home and job you provided to me,
From former life I was finally free.

So many victims I had caught in my net,
Can I ever hope to repay my debt?
Giving and caring for all those I see,
Yet I ask, what will my heritage be?

- Rust