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Subject :2nd HM by Eira
Date :9/20
Trials by fire, are often forlorn,
That is how Heroes are born.
Thrown into expectations, day one,
They aim for the moon, but must reach the sun.

So who am I to buck this tradition,
born to a family a great new addition.
Raised to be king, yet born to be more,
I'll save every damsel, and raise up the poor.

My heritage guides me, but not defines,
My family is lazy, sitting sipping their wines.
I wish to be among you, to fight at your side,
If war is your desire, than to war I shall ride.

A king who leads from the front on his steed,
I am willing to sacrfice my life for my deeds.
For in the end, noone remembers your name,
if all the kings and lords act the same.

So rise up! We will ride to the ends of the earth,
I'll show you, my citizens, my value and worth.
If I fall short, and cannot hold up my words,
than bury me unmarked, deep into the earth.