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Subject :1st HM by Blitzle
Date :9/20
Come gather children, hear my story
about a land brimming with pride and glory
Where the Imperial Army protects the streets
as I lay in bed, safe in my sheets

I was born here, like my father before
We built this home, from the walls to the floor
We handcrafted each brick one by one
to perhaps one day house my own son

I would run through the streets, my sister and I
creeping into the Vale to catch butterflies
Our mother would scold us and yell all night,
lecturing about what's wrong and what's right

My life seemed perfect and rightfully fair
but soon my city was struck with despair
A terrible sickness began to spread
leaving hundreds of innocent citizens dead

The clans of Buya assisted in haste
not letting a single soul go to waste
Elders and Primogens led the charge
when the need for leaders was at large

We overcame this disaster with so much lost
The burial of my family was the cost
We rebuilt our city and mourned our dead
but the only way to look was ahead

This is where I was born and soon will rest
No place greater in the east or west
And when it comes time for my soul to leave
I shall know in my heart that Buya grieves

The city of Buya will always live on
with the peoples trust in Princess Lahsahn
As seasons go by you will change and grow old,
but never forget your heritage that you were told