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Subject :1st place by Luminance
Date :9/20
 My Heritage

 Just a simple farmer, born and raised,
 The path before him inevitably paved.
 Tending to his crops, day after day,
 Feeding the animals to make his pay.

 Destined for greatness, he was not,
 Except there was one thing he had forgot.
 Lost from his family, seperated at birth,
 Knowing he never met his parents was the worst.

 Venturing into town to sell his crops,
 No one paying him attention as he shopped.
 Walking home, he could feel someones gaze,
 Feeling uncomfortable he began to make way.

 On the steps of his home, sat a blank package,
 Confused, thinking it was the wrong address.
 Until he saw his name, a moment he'll never forget,
 " This package is for you our son, whom we never met. "

 Opening the box, he was lost for words,
 Inside resided a shining sevenleaf sword.
 Rubbing his eyes, in complete disbelief,
  He picked up the sword, and a note was underneath,

<b> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
 Separated at birth, our hearts will always ache,
 Living everyday, wondering if it was a mistake.
 But your safety was our goal, no matter the price,
 You may feel abandoned due to our sacrifice.  
 Please just know, the reason wasn't arrogance,
  And to you our beloved son, we leave our heritage.  
<b> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  - Luminance