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Subject :4th HM by Starflare
Date :9/27
Down in Kinung, a haven for all whom seek.
There resides a couple, tavern for the meek.
Here you'll find the best ginseng stew.
So bring all your friends, and they'll comfort you.

With Songbok as your waitress, KyungSam as the cook.
His dishes are grand, just come and take a look!
With fresh spices he adds, then over the flame.
Whatever the dish, it will be something to proclaim!

That is not all, that Kinung has to provide!
Make your way on over, to the theatre inside.
Let Aafke be your host, she'll put on a show!
With action and drama, the background aglow.

These are just a few of the wonderful places you'll find.
In the town of Kinung, wonders await, everyone's kind.
If you give it a chance, there's not chance you'll not return.
To the beautiful, wonderful, calming Kinung.