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Subject :3rd HM by Apocalyptix
Date :9/27
Just a simple traveler, whom loved exploring the lands
With his bags packed full, with no specific plan.
Began to look and search, for a new place to explore.
To the easter gates of Kugnae, into the Dae Shore.

He stumbled upon a boat, and decided to set sail,
The waves crashing violently, but at all cost he must prevail.
Over the effulgent horizon, a city came into view,
A simplistic town with a slogan, "Here you can be new".

Merchants, druids, spies, and many more,
The town of roleplay for all to endure.
Its mostly personal descision,
You must execute in precision.

Many mysteries of those who once were,
Emotion they've become who they deserve.
They've all arrived, stayed and strived,
With less of a mystery, in their lives.

Withinn these gates, nothing but joy
Its anything you want, that your mind can deploy
No matter who you are, here you can become,
Anyone you please, in the town of Kinung.