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Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :2nd HM by TwentyFoSevn
Date :9/27
Over the bride and onto the boat,
from Dae Shore we swifly float,
to a land of potential untapped
because only our creativity lacked.

A bustling town, vendors galore,
a beatuiful forest where condors soar.
Architecture that is second to none,
why is it noones hanging out in Kinung?

The children are smiling, a glow in the air,
Buildings decorated, as if there was a fair,
The mayor looks sullen, not worry free,
without all the tourists, for his economy.

So come across, spend some time in Kinung,
a slice of paradise, with something for everyone.
Though it is like one constant spring fair,
all they ask is that you put on your aires.

Speak in proper tounge, don't be a cad,
You'll enjoy it I promise, it isn't half bad.
Living as if their world is your own,
it won't be long, before you call Kinung home.

- TwentyFoSevn