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Subject :1st HM by Presea
Date :9/27
Ambling from the Guild made me oddly wonder:
How could Tabaek make such a clumsy blunder?
My task? Slaying a defenseless creature...
Perhaps overwork had demented my teacher?

"Kinung is where you'll find your prey",
Helpful suggestions guided me on my way.
Strode eagerly past Koguryo's Eastern Gate,
Uncertain ventures quickened my heart rate.

Still, my mind raised one small objection:
Did this chore require some inner reflection?
Timely arrival left little room to wrestle,
As I had booked passage on a speedy vessel.

Shaking my head, I turned to the duty at hand,
Clearly, I was a stranger in an unknown land.
Blindly searching would get me nowhere fast:
Must I really search a place so open, so vast?

Wrinkled with age and using a crutch for support,
Polite man offered his steed as a willing escort.
"Take caution when dismounting..." he warned vitally,
"Or he will quickly desert you, fleeing mightily!"

Nodding my thanks, we embarked at a trot,
Admiring the landscape the autumn scene brought.
Flora dotted my vision, hues vividly bursting,
Yellows to violets flew past, colors dispersing.

My target was crafty, no signs were apparent,
...Perhaps their wings were slightly transparent?
Rolling my eyes, I brushed such nonsense aside,
Jumped down to the ground, rubbing my backside.

Spinning, I grasped hopelessly for the reins,
He was a fair length away now, grazing the plains.
Mumbled bitterly to myself "What a stupid mistake...
Just my luck, it figures... All due to a slight ache!"

The sun was blazing as I trudged glumly around,
Throat parched, a Water Jug nowhere to be found.
Spotted a tavern with a hay-strewn, thatched dome,
Only thought in my mind: Tall drink topped with foam.

My options were slim as I stumbled inside,
Beverage urgently needed to restore my stride.
Slinked to a clean table and peered at the counter,
His eyes latched on mine, unexpected encounter.

Called to the barkeep "One Rice Wine, kind sir!"
Halfway through the bottle I formed a deep slur.
"This inn is so lovely; you must be so proud!
But... It's also real empty... Where is the crowd?!"

His eye narrowed a bit, grip tightened on the bar,
He glowered "Curious to know why I carry this scar?"
Spit into a glass and scrubbed it clean with a rag,
Somehow dirtier now... Should I let my tongue wag?

Next thing I knew I was being hoisted off my seat,
Thrown firmly outside into the staggering heat.
"Don't you ever return; this is your only warning...
Or you'll be wearing an eye-patch like mine by morning!"

Scrambling away, I paid no heed to my movement,
Knowing only that distance would be an improvement.
Must complete my search... Why had I stopped for a brew?
My Quest was to "defeat" a butterfly with wings icy blue.

Through my pleadings (or fate) it fluttered before me,
Task quickly done, thankful the journey did not bore me.
Smiled lazily as a nearby lily pond enchanted my soul,
Passed time in the shade before palming my Yellow Scroll.