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Subject :2nd place by Warlore
Date :9/27
Oh Kinung, Oh Kinung, home of Take Pae and more
So few times I've visited since you opened the door.
I understand that you are home to mysteries galore.
I think I'll visit, and love you so far much more.

Explore you I shall, as I write this poem
to inform the reader just what you have shown.
And by some chance, should Ee 'pon me come
I thank you for voting for my humble thrum.

Now entry to Kinung is a simple task
but to stay in this place you must do as you're asked.
By Dae Shore and boat seems a common theme,
and warning on entry, administered there shall be.

First in this place, a man you shall see.
Kohyan, yes, he holds your things.
As you look over the landscape all things you can see,
but here for a purpose, maybe came thee?

Taek Pae is well known, his weapons renowned.
Walsuk's Soup for his help, his hunger abounds.
More for the offering, Pink Mugunghwa for his girl,
a sliver of luck, and tons of hot coal.

Not your pursuit, you say unto me.
Alrighty well, who else could there be?
As we look round the place to find who we see
our next selection do tell if you please.

To the north of where you arrive, a few places you'll see.
A game place for playing, games, you must see.
The Forest of Elders, sprawling with trees, but this area feels awfully incomplete.
Further north from there, Kunung Crafters you could go, but I haven't a clue what to say for a show.

Going north and northeast to the far corner you'll see
a chapel where marriage you can seek.
And further the totems, their tents all around,
but mute individuals won't return my sounds.

In the far east the Water-Socks, a ship you will see,
her captain on shore, and she has a plea.
Her ship needs repairs, your membership fee.
And upon membership, she'll charge you more fees.

In the south east you'll find a few more things.
Daensu Houl, I can only surmise, means dance hall in their foreign eyes.
Also, two taverns, and their tavern-y things,
but one does sell wolf meat, so that's interesting.

The center, a market.
the west, a smith.
The southeast, a dojong.
Okay, well I'm miffed.

Now finally, south of where you came in,
There stands a structure, its palace akin.
The townhall of Kinung, its history holds,
And the cracks in pavement certainly do show.

All that I know, I've imparted within.
I hope you've enjoyed, my account with chagrin.
I wish you the best, if here you explore.
I suspect they can add much, much more.

Hopefully this hasn't been a bore, but this topic leaves options to explore.
As for me, well I could live here, quiet, quaint, and calm.
For this little town reminds me of home.
Till next time, next entry, next cultural fee, I shall work toward Ee, and continue my toil.