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Subject :1st place by Eira
Date :9/27
Fall colors grace the great rustic trees,
laughs of the children so light and so free.
I wonder what about this magical place,
gives it such dignity, beauty and grace.

Is it a Mayor whos commited to see it flourish?
Or food from the vendors, that will go to nourish,
the visitors who come in for a day filled with fun,
they'll leave with a smile, from a day on Kinung.

Freshly baked bread, the smell of the flowers,
or the beautiful sound, coming from the bell tower.
The streets are all lined with bright smiling faces,
I content this to be, the most magical of places.

Nighttime arrises, and the tourists are gone,
the townfolk alone now, burst into song.
Their merriment during the day may seem like an act,
but even at night, they are joyous to a fact.

The morning sun lifts, and the day starts anew,
Breads in the oven, and the grass in a dew.
The first boat arrives, and is greeted with love,
just another day in this small town Kinung.