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Subject :4th HM by Anno
Date :10/4
~Royal Summons~

At our door the guardsman stood
In livery of green
And with a strong, clear voice announced
We were to see the queen.

I, Mother, and Father dressed
To look pristine, in haste.
We scrubbed our dirty faces hard
So we wouldn't be disgraced.

At the palace, trumpets blared
And we ascended stairs.
I couldn't help but feel like we
Were just putting on airs.

The queen there rested on her throne
As we curtsied and we bowed.
I was on my best behavior
To make my parents proud.

Behind the throne a boy peeked out.
He must've been my age.
What was it like for this young prince
To live on the royal stage?

The queen stood up, approaching us
With her head held high,
And when she greeted Mother
Mother began to cry.

Father stood with stoic face,
And I mimicked him quick.
Then I caught the queen's words...
And inside I felt sick.

"Your husband fought so bravely,"
The queen spoke in a soothing tone.
"He saved many countless lives, you know,
Though he did pass alone."

Mother bravely nodded then
And I looked at Father, strange.
And there before all of us, you see,
Father began to change.

He slowly faded, faded slowly,
Away from my own sight.
But before he left this very earth
He whispered, "It will be alright.

Take care of Mother, my dear son.
You'll grow to be a man.
And when it comes, the time to serve,
I know you'll understand."

My eyes made contact with the prince
And a knowledge filled me bright.
I knew then that I would someday
Be this young man's knight.

I'd make my family proud, I would.
Father would not have died in vain.
I'll do everything I can
To take away the kingdom's pain.