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Subject :3rd HM by ShaYlin
Date :10/4
 Heralded loudly at the palace gates,
 beckoning for us all,
 Every man, woman, and child awaits,
 to hear the crier's call,
 With pomp and sass, he serves the words,
 a fine tune of enunciation,
 his speech drowns out the sighing birds,
 shouting in proclaimation,

 "Sirs and Madames, I do declare...
  on behalf of his highness King MuHyul,
  that every lady: young and fair,
  should consider the following rule:

  By royal decree, both near and yon,
  fine ladies shall come to court,
  the princes' MingJung and Mobon,
  each seek out a consort."

  The gasping crowd did echo far,
  while a woman swoons and faints;
  A few folks held their mouth ajar,
  while others praised the saints.
   The jeweler jovially spoke with glee,
  "So who wants to marry the princes?"
  While the baker man said cynically,
  "Shenanigans," while his wife winces.

  "Now listen here, people of Koguryo,"
  The crier again decreed,
  "You must be fair from head to toe,
  if you seek to proceed."

  Towards the King's man did they near,
  many beauties -- young and fair,
  The people roaringly cheer,
  "Represent us well in there!"

  "I almost forgot the final thing..."
   As the maidens go depart,
  "You'll know if this is meant to be,
   you'll feel it in your heart."

  So now we all just sit and wait,
  to hear on the consort matter,
  For minutes, it's only been but eight,
  and the crowd begins to scatter.

  A young boy taps his father's side,
   and asks a simple query,
  "When will the Princes choose a bride?"
  Answered with... "When they're weary!"