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Subject :2nd HM by Flit
Date :10/4
          You have been waiting for this moment.
          A shined spear, a finely pressed uniform.
          You're an exemplar of the devotion, a true
          understanding of duty. You were raised
          to serve, and elated to take charge.

          The floors have been waxed.
           Today must certainly be important..
          They never wax the floors.
          The sheen of the floor calls out,
           and your eyes meet a familiar face.
          It's older than you remember.

          Today is no different than the others
          to you, anyways. Your brothers in arms
          catch your glance, they look at you proud.
          They hope to have your career.
          Everyone stands up. You hold your breath.    
           This feels familiar. Your life is set
          upon these decrees; Upon that voice.
          A voice that is not yours. A voice that
          has been bred for sovereignty that
          had a birthright to say you should move.
           One you've shed and will shed blood for.
          One that has had you saying goodbye
          to those you hold closest. Chasing
          a torment and tempest that you can
          for the life of you not ignore.
           You hear that call, and you move.

          The floor and your reflection let you go.
          You snap to your own internal voice
          for just a moment. A single moment.
          It swells in pride as you stand saluting  
          that someone who you've done this for.
           Who's coaxed you through and through,
          with utmost sacrifice and pride.
          That has rearranged your sense of duty,
          which has you counting countless medals,
          quelling old demons, and saying your prayers.

          A proud puppet,    
           With strings strewn about in ironic ways.
          Don't forget though, with your forthright salute..
          All the heartache, all the toil,
          all the sacrifice, all the pain,
          to hear your name be called up.
          Reliable. A storied career. Capable.

           Your brothers and sisters watch in
           a mixture of pride and envy; They
          could've been you, but you could
          never be them. The voice that has
          made this all possible calls you
          forth, and life has unfairly shown you,
          you have been waiting for this moment.