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Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :1st HM by Sclm
Date :10/4
The city bustles with excitement and fun,
The time soon approaches with setting sun.
All have been invited, every girl and boy,
Broad smiles on faces, loud laughter, and joy.

The first to be summoned is the Chongun their ally,
Pushing through the crowd with shield held high.
Next slowly comes a Do humble in looks,
Taught muscles show his head's not just in books.
The Barbarian balked at the idea of giving a bow,
Instead swinging his War Axe asking everyone how.
Last of his class the Chung Ryong master,
With the power of dragons, few can kill faster.

Next they called for the Monk they beg him to come,
Holding his Destiny spear, feet in sync to a drum.
The Muse was the next to fall into line,
Riding a goat and looking ever sublime.
When called upon the Druid yet they did not show,
He clutched at his Tree branch muttering about snow.
Then there was the poet who follow Hyun Moo,
answering the call, "nothing better to do".

The Diviners were the first, ahead of their kind,
With their Crystal ball ready to forsee the divine.
Though a dark cloud came the Shaman ever brooding,
Preparing a curse though their YongSang ever feuding.
Calls were not answered by the Geomancer line,
Staff of Chi held close it can't balance the time.
Enveloped in flame came the Ju Jak mage,
overflowing with the power and Phoenix rage.

Through a veil no one could tell the Spy arose,
Dakashi Blade exposed most even froze.
The Merchant came riding a horse ladden with gold,
The bullwhip could help him to loot any hold.
Alas the Ranger did not answer, never receiving the call,
He was busying hunting and preparing for fall.
The Baekho was the last and late to arrive,
His blade was so nimble it filled him with pride.

The Royals gave thanks to all who serve the cause,
Showing appreciation with a moment of pause.
With the summons complete, it's time for a treat.
Why where they summoned? For a Grand Royal Feast!