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Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :2nd place by Sarie
Date :10/4

   A knock at the door
       comes urgent once more,
       the postman is standing outside.
   A letter in hand,
       a seal bold and grand,
       you open it quickly in stride.
   It says in small print,
       you say as you squint:
       "The King is requesting my help?"
   "Without a delay?"
       "And come straight away!?"
       You read it and hear yourself yelp!

   "What could it be for?"
       you say to the floor,
       why, none of this makes any sense!
   You feel your face flush;
       and then your blood rush;
       this really is far too intense.
   "I'll have to go out,"
       you say with a pout.
       You can't meet the King as you are.
   At Lin's finest shop,
       in Sanhae you stop,
       to purchess a dress from afar.
   And while you are there,
       you must fix your hair,
       or how will you ever impress?
   A chance such as this,
       you'd be quite remiss,
       to not go all out in excess.

   With letter and lace,
       and paint on your face,
       your dress is still stiff from the loom.
   You climb up the stairs,
       and pass unawares,
       to enter the royal throne room.
   Announced with a gong!
       But something is wrong...
       The name that they said is not you...
   A mistake has been made.
       You feel yourself fade.
       The floor rushes up into view.
   And that is the tale,
       of why, without fail,
       you proofread before you submit.
   Lest woe should befall,
       an innocent doll,
       and bring her an end most unfit.

~ Sarie
(Disclaimer: Lin is the name of a NPC)