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Subject :1st place by Presea
Date :10/4
Koguryo Palace looms vast and intimidating
Heart thumps in my ears, fiercely pulsating
Sweat blotches my brow, my mind suffocating
Gulp slow, calming breaths, emotions abating

Warily avoid guards, each hefting a spear
Without other options must blindly adhere
Revealed the decree, my expression sincere
Swore to behave cordially, to humbly revere

Heavily rolled my eyes, more stairs to ascend
Queen Yun signed my summons, but to what end?
Racked my brain deeply, failed to comprehend
Squashed wandering thoughts, mustn't unbend

Doors thrown widely open, briskly escorted
Throne Room glinted with tacky riches imported
Found my mouth gaping, feeling transported
Luxuries were engulfing, my senses distorted

Clearing her throat, Yun pulled my attention
Smiled regally upon me, forcing subjection
Explained her dilemma, refused interjection
Rambled along, showing no signs of deflection

She finished her speech, her countenance dire
Distressed yet noble, warmly moved by her ire
Offered my service, a unique skill to acquire
Beaming with pride, surprise warrior-for-hire

Vagrant squatted nearby, unwelcome intrusion
Guards unable to eject the unsavory protrusion
Hefted my shield, gave no chance for confusion
Set to granting My Queen the desired conclusion

Smirked watching him flinch, my prisoner of war
Flew down stairs until we hit the ground floor
Taunted my prey, launching him through the door
Gifted him at our parting a wild, spirited roar

Turned on my heel, outstanding duty complete
Having rid the grounds of a prowling deadbeat
Beaming vibrantly, failing to hide her retreat
Yun lounged in a corner, savoring this defeat