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Subject :4th HM by Skaggy
Date :10/11
It was a quiet evening, filled with no ill will of discern.
No unrest to be found and nature's bounties to be picked.
A gaze scoring, chilled with the irritation of the noblewoman.
No story was told, hastyas her departure had been.

He had lifted her purse, there was no doubt.
Her attendants had all seen the thief, flee into the crowd.
The prefect did naught but curse, the gutless spout
A deep breath relieved an amount of ire, scattered like the wind.

Buya's rose garden  was known throughout the lands, one of the prettiest.
Best place for a fair lady to rest and search for a prize.
Her nose alit with an amalgam of scents, a wonderous treat.
Maybe it would make a great arrangement, to her future husband.

With the fading day taking its light, it turned the flowerbed aflame.
Winter chills and recent rainfall had the roses ablaze
Irridiscent petals for her beloved, whomever shall it be.
Decent fellows weren't too rare but she could certainly be picky.

Perhaps that fellow that took the report of theft, what was his name?
Gentle complexion and sturdy build, maybe he'd do.
Dressed in uniform with a thin spear aheft, a squire without fame.
She would build him a beautiful boquet, nay, two.

She had plenty of time, her father knew of her age.
Mere eighteen last solstice, her marriage was of little import.
Still many things to learn about governing, politics and family matters.
One day she would be serving justice, once her father does depart.

Perhaps by then, the man would be of some renown, a true prize.
Just like this painting of ruby and green, in front of her eyes.
Until that time whenshe might inherit the crown, status apprize.
She hoped to nurture the boy, a flowering knight.

Signed: Skaggy