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Subject :3rd HM by Jihyo
Date :10/11
Flourishing robes and sharpened steel,
  layered with battleworn plates
Borne of honor and religious zeal,
  to battle with fervor and grace

A knight so stalwart and fearless,
  mounted on his mighty steed
Blessed with skill completely peerless,
  a flurry of blades and speed

An enemy stands before him,
  an over-confident foe
Clad in platemail on each limb,
  he launches his first blow

The knight stylishly evades
  the onslaught of clumsy attacks
With a swift flick of his blade,
  his foe lowers his axe

Hwarang, he's called, a Flowering Knight
  Righteous warrior of pride
Tasked to defend the kingdom's might
  from those who dare to deride