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Subject :1st HM by TanksALOT
Date :10/11
An ode to my brothers and sisters in arms
From the Buyan streets to the Kugnae farms
For soon, our training will be done
There are lives to save and battles to be won

We've put in the time, our bloodshed and tears.
Stood arm in arm while we conquered our fears
My brothers and sisters, this toast's for you
For all the good and the bad you've helped me through

We'll march through the streets in armor that shines
Let the hearts of our people empower our minds
From the seafloor to the tip of the mountain
Drink our waters of freedom straight from the fountain

A sword to the malicious, a shield to the weak
I now swear an oath to protect the meek
Celebrate tonight as we become reborn
To my queen and kingdom I'm duly sworn

And on the day that death solemnly comes
We'll hold up our blades to the sound of the drums
Let the earth shattering warcries tell of our past
For our souls will stand guard throughout, everlast