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Subject :1st place by YeSheng
Date :10/11
My life's not been easy, my history is dark
Often I'm shocked that my eyes keep their spark
It's hard to imagine I'm worthy of love
Affection, kindness, or something thereof

Concealed by my smile, I hide a sad truth
That I've never fit in, since I was a youth
Though as I grew older, I found my own worth
Sometimes those old demons begin to unearth

They rose up hungry to swallow me whole
And though I resisted, it took a great toll
When I was certain I had no more light
That's when he found me, my flowering knight

He dusted me off and showed me I'm strong
Proved to me that my demons were wrong
He cast out the winter and welcomed the spring
Reminded me there that were reasons to sing

Then suddenly, to the woe of my heart
The world conspired, and tore us apart
And though now without him I feel oh so small
I haven't the option to break down and fall

For my family needs me, I must carry on
My eyes must gaze forward, not at what is gone
But still in the night, I think of my friend
And my heart starts aching, I fail to pretend

Emotions too heavy for this simple pen
Oh gods, how I hope that I see him again
Until his sweet visage relieves my sad sight
I'll always be missing my flowering knight.

by YeSheng