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Subject :4th HM by BuggyRat
Date :10/18
The House on the Hill

The house by the graveyard on top of the hill?
I can tell you the tale if you've got time to kill.

It belonged to a man who had great healing power.
He was always on call to help at any hour.

He was loved by all and didn't have any enemies.
Someone saves your life and you'd say "he's a friend to me".

So it came to pass as the weather grew colder,
the man came to terms that he was growing older.

"With hard work and research, I've saved many a life
but to pass on this knowledge, I must find a wife!"

From years of his work, he had many admirers
but if he said he wasn't picky then he'd sure be a liar.

He didn't seek beauty, nor humor nor obedience.
Buxom figure nor demure eyes were his winning ingredients.

What he valued most in his hearts pulsing vein
was a woman with smarts... a big sexy brain!

"She is hard to find", he said after dozens of dates.
"I surely didn't expect to have such a long wait"

To make healing tonics he needed clean water
and while at the well he met a farmers daughter.

Thou formal education was something she lacked,
she quickly showed him she was sharp as a tack.

Minutes after meeting, he was laughing in fits.
He was quickly in awe of her great set of... wits!

Things moved quickly and started with a jump
they tied the knot and then she showed a bump.

A year down the road, once again 'twas October,
what should have been joyous instead turned quite sober.

The pregnancy presented many dire complications,
but the healer worked hard on his family turned patients.

On the last of the month, the moon full in the sky
her water broke. The moment was finally nigh!

After hours of screaming and lots of blood lost
the mans eyes became queer and covered over in gloss.

"I can only save one... I'll see it is done.
I can't save the mother and still keep my son."

After operating he learned his prognosis was a lie
the baby was out but there was no hint of a cry.

"I'll bring them back, no matter the cost!"
He didn't know it then, but their souls were lost.

He cracked open a tome, gold embossed black leather.
Muttered some words that turned fair to stormy weather.

With feverish fixation he cast an unknown spell
that promised to unring the recent death knell.

That house on the hill, you've asked and I've answered.
There dwells the undead family of the crazed Necromancer!