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Subject :3rd HM by Jihyo
Date :10/18
She wakes upon cold hard ground
Runic stones and crypts abound
    Her body weakened and weary,
    Head pounding and vision bleary

Beside her rests an ancient tome
Magic inscriptions etched in stone
    A single rose in a pool of blood
    A wedding ring nestled in the mud

A rustling in the bramble
A man frantically scrambles
    She gazes into his fearful eyes
    Terror mounting with each of his cries

"What have I done?!" he shrieks
And as the woman tries to speak,
    She musters a guttural moan
     Grasping with hands of bare bone

His beloved standing before him
With a visage horribly grim
    Raised from death with a ghastly guise
    Leathery skin and sunken eyes

She ambles forward, pleading for help
He staggers backward with a yelp
    She grasps his neck and holds on tight
    Frantically shaking til he turns white

 Peering into his love's pained eyes,
The necromancer meets his demise
    And mirrored within his eyes she sees
    The result of a selfish man's plea