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Subject :1st HM by Perkins
Date :10/18
<b>                        Family Ties

I thought I was raised by nobles on both my parents' sides,
But in my adolescence learned my real father died
Far before my birth and thus I never had the chance
To learn the blood I shared with him was that of Necromance.

My mother pleaded this truth was one I'd be best to ignore,
And so I did for years until a knock came at my door.
It had just turned midnight so I answered with some anger
Only to discover it was a rather threatening stranger.

Dressed in dark and hooded robes, he did not speak a word,
But in my ear I still could hear a phrase rather absurd.
Somehow a chant continued louder all throughout my head,
"Hello Son, I know you know you're speaking to the Dead."

Fearful that my reaper father had cursed me with his "gift,"
I sought out if this magic was a plague someone could lift.
Then one day my own mother said she knew the only cure
And only she could set me free if I would follow her.

We traveled to my birthplace, back to our ancestral home,
Where she cooked up "the antidote" from an ancient tome.
I drank it all, then saw my mother's face was full of strife,
"You're the second Necromancer I've had to kill in my life."