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Subject :2nd place by Mysidia
Date :10/18
Perhaps you wish to commune with a loved-one departed?
Fair warning: This task is not for the faint-hearted.
Dark sorcerers know that a sacrifice must be imparted;
Requires a soul to dive blindly into waters uncharted.

Curiously wonder where you might find such a creature?
Hidden crypts and lost ruins... Spooky double feature!
Phantoms lurking in shadow their fantastical teacher;
Scene now poetically primed for an afterlife breacher.

Further now: What objects embellish this demonic lair?
Water vials clutter the floor tainted by unholy flair.
Skull peers from a glum corner with a repulsive stare;
Dusty tome sits on a plinth affixing minds in a snare.

Tenant of this dwelling I have no desire to acquaint;
Bone-chair rattles nearby at this unwelcome complaint.
Black candles on pillars flicker, disturbingly faint;
Find my spirit deftly bombarded with intrusive taint.

It was only a thought! Why is my psyche being raided?
No... Dazed and mistaken... My home is being invaded!
Pursued by revived corpses who dumbly-wander unaided;
Were my private opinions really so vulgar and jaded?!

Jump frantically out the window with an ignoble plop;
Regain my footing and tread to a neighboring hilltop.
Weird tether pulls me unbidden until I abruptly stop;
Squint into the void, mystique the cavern's backdrop.

Mindful of a presence approaching just out of sight;
Necro slowly advances, his aura dripping with spite.
Glares wickedly upon me inciting shudders of fright;
Creeping suspicion I'd not endure this dismal night.

Skeletons clatter around me... Undead army, no doubt;
Captor recites a spell willing more demons to sprout.
Odd tongue spoken once more with a jeer and a flout.
Close my eyes... Wait, I'm wrong... Eternal blackout.