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Subject :4th HM by justblaze
Date :10/25
I've been in the kingdoms as a merchant for years
raising the prices on various items giving pocket books tears
I became a guide and here's some lessons to be learned
Don't follow em' and you could be left burned

No one should know your moves
even if its under handed and no one approves
Lords of Wealth may show it
But how they got it no one knows it
Take it from me a guy with seven leaves
This is the only way one can achieve

Don't let anyone see your finances
On your territory people will make advances
Those stacks of gold creates ill will
even your best friend could put you in the landfill

Speaking of that, don't trust anyone
They don't care about you even if your Buya's favorite son
Even grandma could turn on you
Just because she gets a whiff of the cordon bleu
They'll be in the dark alleys creeping
They'll come in swords swinging
Your head they'll be cleaving

Never move rare items in broad daylight
jealously you will defintely incite
Don't sell your all Ginko Wood in the tavern
you're just going to make everyone madder

Friends and coins don't mix
If they want a discount tell them to hit the bricks
Lords of wealth never hold anything in their bags
Carrying anything to sell on your person is a big red flag

Never deal with any soldiers imperial or loyal
It'll give everyone around you paranoia
If they think you turned on them
You'll find yourself in real mayhem

Follow my guide
and you'll be glorified
If you can do this and stay in good health
There's no doubt you'll be lord of wealth

written by justblaze