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Subject :3rd HM by Starflare
Date :10/25
Lord of Wealth

Although you might think, it's about the coin in his purse.
It's much more than that, let me tell you this verse.
His small fortune aside, to the man of whom we speak.
He's mastered the zodiac, a piece of his mystique.

From learning the sword, by the wisest of Chongun.
Who taught him mastery of emotions, honesty and wisdom.
To the traveling Diviners, giving I-ching reading.
Mastering the zodiac, he continues proceeding.

A temple of monk masters, is the place he next went.
Where he spent 3 years learning and attaining enlightenment.
I think you now know, and are seeing more clearly.
To not scoff, judge, or laugh prematurely.

Open-minded by nature, humble to his core.
Knowledge he seeks, as he craves for much more.
He knows in an instant it can be made, a sudden understanding.
Which is where you'll likely find him, questions expanding.

Just sit and imagine, of a treasure so great.
That's everywhere, endless, and without any weight.
I know that it almost sounds too good to be true.
However, I assure you, you'll want to see this one through.

For behind all the glamour, and titles like Lord of Wealth,
Lies a vastness of knowledge, an mastery of one-self.
So you see that he's much more than his bank.
Ande in case you missed it, you have knowledge to thank!