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Subject :2nd HM by Keiara
Date :10/25
The piles of gold at my feet are stacked high,
There's sapphires, rubies and emeralds - no lie,
Trinkets and baubles and rare things unseen,
Most covered in blood... but some of it's clean!

While still in my youth, I dreamed of great wealth,
Pushed away love, and thought just of myself.
But as I grow weary now, close to my end,
I realize I've nothing, and no time to mend.

So long have I spent now, amassing this horde,
Felling my foes, and being adored,
I never once stopped for a moment to think
Of what I would do when caught on the brink..

Winter came hard, I knew it was my last,
Trapped in my cave, my mind back in the past,
Mountains of gold near my bones in the end..
but I might have died happy, had I had one true friend.

:+: Keiara Ravenstone :+: