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Subject :1st HM by Emonya
Date :10/25
Oh treasure, oh treasure! Where would I be?
If that mentor would have not looked out for me.
To teach me the things, that I did not know.
To show me the how, and where I should go.

Forever, forever! I'm grateful to thee.
Whom taught me to learn, who taught me to see.
All of those studies late under the tree.
He showed me the way of the economy.

Oh never, oh never! I could not go.
Away from the life, that made me so.
All of my riches and things I've acquired.
Are only true due to what has transpired.

I shall always, always! Preach to the youth.
Your full potential, when you know the truth.
Lots of effort and work, if you desire.
Will guide you on the path to what you aspire.

I'm saddened I'm saddened! To see this day.
As my Lord of Wealth has passed away.
He taught me more than money can buy.
There is more than what you can see with your eye.

I promise, I promise! To keep my word.
To break such a thing, would be absurd.
I promise to always be true to myself.
I promise to never worship my wealth.

At last, at last! What I value the most.
Being wealthy is not a reason to boast.
The power of love and human care.
Is our greatest gift, nothing can compare.