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Subject :2nd place by Kainis
Date :10/25
Lord of Wealth

Once there was a man who owned very little,
All he yearned for was to be in the middle.
He worked day and night to move himself higher,
It seemed nothing he did could quench his desire.

Now time has gone by, he's made some good money,
That is when he found a new type of honey.
The love of a woman, his newest prize,
and what should come next, but a  little suprise.

A baby on the way and their hearts filled with love,
What should come next but a ring and a dove?
He asked for her hand, they arranged a marriage!
Everything was planned down to the horse and carriage.

They rode from the ceremony, joy in their hearts,
Eager for the honeymoon and fun in all parts.
However, once they returned home and her belly started grow,
That is when his brow first began to furrow.

His lack of attention on work and coin,
Made his empty purse feel like a kick to the groin.
All his past work and effort was for naught,
Squandered away with the the things he had bought.

But the baby still arrived, on time and in health,
Looking down at his child he, discoved true wealth.
For It isn't the coin the weighs down your pocket,
Or shine of the golden trim on your locket.

Yes it may sound traditional,
But true love is unconditional.
As long as you have your family and health,
That's all you need to be a Lord of Wealth.