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Subject :1st place by AmberBandito
Date :10/25

Even inquisitive minds could never understand.
I am rich beyond rich, for I own all the lands.
From the western forest's every living beast,
to all the sun touches as it sets in the east.

Wealth beyond compare, my pantry is stuffed full with bread.
I laugh in my palace as you starve and drop dead.
These streets are a maze and I've locked every door.
I am cruel beyond bounds, yet you bow and adore.

I'll continue to reign as I put you in debt,
then play with your strings my marionette.
The world is a slave and I am its master.
You can try to run fast, but you'll have to move faster.

I have eyes all around and ears in your home.
Believe when I say you're never alone.
The world is my oyster and I've shucked every clam.
The beaches are barren yet I don't give a damn.

My cellar overflows with cheeses and wine.
Yet not a scrap from my table will I allow you to dine.
My resentment is a bubble, ready to burst.
I swear these beggars and thieves are the absolute worst!

I'll lock up my gates made of iron and steel.
No inkling of empathy would my heart ever feel.
No mountain of gold could satisfy my need,
for the lord of wealth is just a slave to his greed.