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Author :Poet Tutor Inflamed
Subject :((Role-Playing 101)) Part 3
Date :1/31

Style is something that applies to the physical and vocal actions of a character.  This includes speech (tone, attitude, accents, impediments), clothing (is your character outgoing enough to wear a bikini, too shy to strip down, nervous and hiding behind a mask, etc.), and physical appearance (Does your character have scars, are they fat, skinny, muscular, wimpy, how they walk, how they fight, etc).  

Style is often not noticed by people around you unless you make it apparent through your roleplaying how you are trying to portray your character.  Doing this through actions or stories is very easy!  

<b>For example -  Rhetoric: "-cracks his knuckles, bending his <b>arms as he does so, his athletic muscles bulging".  

In that simple sentence alone, I've portrayed several things that could possibly be assumed by onlookers -

<b>1) Rhetoric cracked his knuckles because he is upset.
<b>2) Rhetoric is considering fighting.  
<b>3) Rhetoric has an athletic, muscular build.

Keep in mind that you should be consistent in the style and flaws you choose for your character.  Constantly changing them without reason may keep other people from truly understanding you and knowing how to interact with you.

Creating your character's flaws and style is one of the funnest and most interesting parts of roleplaying.  As your character evolves, they should pick up new flaws, skills, and styles, dependent on the situations they become involved in.  

This is all I'm going to say on roleplaying for the time being.  I hope you enjoyed any of the advice I could give and use it to the best of your ability.  If you have more specific questions about anything I've talked about in these posts, please feel free to contact me out of character and I'll gladly discuss them at length with you.

The guy behind the `R
((Rhetoric, Scribed Hyul 31, Spy Elder))