Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor Inflamed
Subject :Do's and Do Not's for ((PK))
Date :12/29

      There are five major DO's and five major DO NOT's in all carnages 99 and up, which are listed below.

Carnages (99+):


1.  DO change who you are dispell/scourging if you can't kill your target within seven or so tries.

2.  DO keep moving when at all possible.

3.  DO ASV you and your fighters a few seconds after "Shout colors/favorite item!" warning.  Chances are you will be dispelled before the full ASV runs out, and stopping to ASV everyone before moving after "Go" can cost you a few kills.

4.  DO stay near your fighters, mages, and poets, they will help you.

5.  DO zap or hit (preferably zap) any dozed teammates, still moving but not going off screen until they're safe; if they're dozed and harden bodied, try to heal them until doze is up.


1.  DO NOT stick with one target over the whole round.  The biggest example of this is you going into a carnage and trying to pick off a fighter with two poets.  Chances are, if the poets are good or your fighter is not, you are not going to kill him.  After a few tries, kill either his poets or go after someone different, do not waste all your time on an impossible target.

2.  DO NOT substitute anything for pestilence and snare.  Going into a round vexed so you can't get scourged is NOT a good idea, and pointless in most cases since you are going to get dispelled 100% of the time.

3.  DO NOT leave vital teammates in times of distress.

4.  DO NOT stray from your team near the beginning.  The whole point of sticking together of a pact is to either get the enemy from behind, or pick of stragglers who thought running off would be a good idea.

5.  DO NOT take PK too seriously.  Remember, it's just a game, if you die you will always have a chance to fight again.  PK should be a chance to enjoy yourself and have fun, don't lose track of your motives.

Blessed Be
(Written and inspired by Carnerous, Edited by me)