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Author :Poet Tutor Lizette
Subject :What is Roleplay by Yttribium
Date :4/21

What is role-playing?  How do we do it?  How do we know when we are saying something out of character, or in character?

I have thought about a way to explain this, and I have a very simple and straight forward answer:

If Nexus were a movie, called: "Nexus: The kingdom of the winds", and we were all acting parts in this movie about mythical Korea.  If what you say and do makes sense in this movie, it is role-play.  If they put a scene of your conversation with another player, would it fit in the movie if they chose to show it?

<b>Other examples:
If you were to script the movie yourself, and write what you said, would you put it in the movie if your life depended on its success as a movie?  If not, it's out of character most likely and not fitting.

Consider another situation, you play a Do, and talk like a barbarian to the King, of course it is still "inside the context of the movie's realm" but it would be "out of character" since the Do's character is supposed to be more respectful.  Of course you certainly wouldn't put that in the movie if the Do is the hero of the movie and his actions and words are supposed to be noble than that of a barbarian.

If you want to be an avid role-player, there are times even then you want to say something off-the-set, in which case: (( )) is a common way to denote it.

I have to go work (())
((I have to go work))
I have to go work ))  are 3 formats used for out of character comments.

You should be aware many sub-paths do not even want you to use (( )), at least not outloud.  You take it to whispers, which is considered okay in situations needing outside comments (Since whispers are never "truly" filmed).  
Yet, some may still consider this unacceptable, so consult with your subpath first.

You have to consider being in a subpath a leading role in a movie.  You have to live more into the movie than others, though not being in a subpath does not forbid you playing a role in the movie.  You still have a choice.

Playing YOUR role in the movie, is role-play.  You are the writer and cast of this movie (everyone else is too, but you are all working together), you just simply have to try fit your character into this great cast, of...
<b>Nexus - The kingdom of the winds
<b>The movie.