Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor Meditrina
Subject :Powerleveling Guide (Updated)
Date :5/29

<b>    Guide for power-leveling 1 to 99 for advanced players.
<b>          Updated and current as of ((January 2017))

<b>             ====================================

  Complete the Tutorial and a bit of grinding rabbit and/or squirrel kills.  Choose a path.  

  Alternately, head to Tangun via an Innkeeper and complete quests or grind there; at level 5 (and after choosing a path) continue into the Bandit cave and reach approximately level 15 there.

  Obtain a ranged attack spell (zap, Taunt for warriors) and bring an ungrouped Rogue to Woodlands Scorpions and stand at 003/137.  Have the Rogue lay Death Traps everywhere and continuously zap the Scorpions.  This method should take ~20-30 minutes.

<b>             ====================================

<b>            From here, the path deviates depending
<b>                  on your available resources:

<b>             ====================================

  Have a grouped Warrior take you to Gogoon Rhinos.  Be sure to bring at least two horses.  Set yourself up in any corner and have the Warrior kill Rhinos nearby.  It is suggested to have expendable armor, no break-on-death items and a heal spell, food and pipes.  This method should take ~3-4 hours.

  Have a grouped Warrior and ungrouped Poet take you to Northern Ogres, found just north of the Arctic Land inn.  Make your way to the final room and simply keep up with the Warrior and Poet.  This method should take ~2 hours.

  Have a grouped Warrior and ungrouped Poet take you to Woodland Takos.  Make your way to the Tako Maze and continue through until you reach 99.  This method should take ~30 minutes.

<b>             ====================================

<b>                        Alternate path:
  Group with a very strong Mage, or a very strong fighter and a Poet, and go with them to Malgalod.  This method is much quicker than the previous methods, but requires far stronger people to help.  Unknown amount of time for 50-99; partially dependent on kill rates.

<b>             ====================================

<b>   As always, remember to -IMMEDIATELY- gate upon reaching
<b>level 99, as you will lose 50% of your held experience
<b>upon death!

Penned by:

~Meditrina of the family Kaiza~
    ~Buyan Poet Tutor~