Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor Mintaka
Subject :Woodlands Caves.
Date :7/31
Woodlands is not based on your stats, instead it is based on your mark and level.

For these caves, once you obtain the level required to enter, you will always be entering just the one cave.

<b>Cave                                       Level
<b>==========                            ==============
Rabbit Cave (Shee Lee)                      95
Snake Cave (Takos                           95
Lobster Cave                            Il san mark
Dog Cave                                Il san mark

The Raheem Desert Cave and the Bear Cave (Frozen Tundra) are split up into different levels based on what mark you have attained, not on what stats you have. Once you attain a new mark you may now enter a higher level cave, however you may not go back into a lower level one.

<b>Desert and Bear Cave                       Level
<b>====================                   ==============
Cave 1                                       99
Cave 2                                     Il san
Cave 3                                     Ee san
Cave 4                                 Sam san & Sa san

~Scribed by Cadre