Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Indonesian Language
Date :6/25
<b>The Indonesian Language

The English language is not the only language spoken in the Kingdom of the Winds. There are many other cultures that make up what Nexus is truely about. If you ever find yourself in the situation where you are hunting with someone who is speaking the Indonesian language here is a simple guide to use in communicating with this wonderful part of the community.

- Halo / alo = Hello
- Bagaimana kabarnya? / Apa kabar? = How's it going?

- Hunt donk = Hunt please.
- Mau hunt? = Want to hunt?

- Waktu Carnage / Waktunya untuk carnage. = Carnage time
- Waktu Bloodlust / Waktunya untuk Bloodlust = Bloodlust time
- Elixir war (?!?!) = Elixir war

- Apakah kamu pergi ke _____ event?  =
                 Are you going to the _____ (event)?

- Beli _____ kepunyaan aku = Buy my _____?
- Mau gak beli _____ ku? = Will you buy my _____?
- Jualin aku _____ = Sell me _____

- Kamu manis sekali = You are so sweet.
- Tukar tempat = Switch place <-- ((My personal favorite)).

Please remember to always be respectful to the people you meet along on your journey here. You never know where you might meet them again or if you may need their help one day.

Love always,

MoonWater Imut
Buya Kingdom Tutor