Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Alliance Tip (3 - Greater Alliance)
Date :12/8
Greater Alliances

On Greater Alliances, you have 6 different types of bosses to slay. This means you can have 2 mistakes before it wipes out any of your previous boss kills when you logoff and your character information is saved.

You may think this is all a mistake but if you kill four different types besides bosses while on a Greater Alliance and you still succeed, well that's because you used a trick without knowing it.

Trick for Greater Alliances:

While you are killing your bosses and by mistake kill three or more of creatures not on your Greater Alliance list, do not panic (but be careful). Using the example above, your Kill Track will be:
Rank Creature Type Number of Kills
1. Squirrel 1+
2. Rabbit 1+
3. Boss A - Avenger 3
4. Boss B - Avenger 4
5. Boss B - Spirit 2
6. Boss C - Spirit 3
7. Boss A - Spirit 5
8. Boss C - Avenger 2

You must avoid killing another type of creature or you will have:
Rank Creature Type Number of Kills
1. Fox 1
2. Dark wolf 1
3. Squirrel 1+
4. Rabbit 1+
5. Boss A - Avenger 3
6. Boss B - Avenger 4
7. Boss B - Spirit 2
8. Boss C - Spirit 3
9. Boss A - Spirit 5
10. Boss C - Avenger 2

BUT if you manage to kill one more boss of each type you have to kill BEFORE you logoff your Kill Track will be as below:

Rank Creature Type Number of Kills
1. Boss A - Avenger 3
2. Boss B - Avenger 4
3. Boss B - Spirit 2
4. Boss C - Spirit 3
5. Boss A - Spirit 5
6. Boss C - Avenger 2
7. Fox 1
8. Dark wolf 1

This shows that you are allowed two free kills.

Therefore if you kill something by mistake while on your Greater Alliance, don't panic! Kill one boss of each type you need to slay which will "push" your mistake off the saved Kill Track. It'll be like if you never killed the wrong type of creature!

You cannot start multiple Greater Alliances because no NPC will accept you as their Champion while you are working for another.

Side note: As for Player Killing, it not known if a "player" counts as one type, or if each "name (path)" counts as one type. Hopefully it'll count as "Player", so you can kill any player you want and it'll only take one slot in your Kill Track. If it's the other case... well avoid going to a Carnage while on an alliance heh! You cannot kill yourself in the Vale - not even with summoned creatures!

Last Thing - Do NOT listen to players who say you can not kill MORE than the number you're officially told to slay. You can kill 255+ of each boss for a Greater Alliance and STILL succeed NO MATTER WHAT as long as the bosses are still in the 1 to 8 positions on your Kill Track.

Enjoy your Alliances, folks.
- Rogue Tutor.