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Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Alliance Tip (1 - Introduction)
Date :12/8
Global information on Nexus Kill Track system and Alliances

I. Alliance Intoduction

Fact: You can now get Kill credit while grouped. Everyone in the group will get credit. This means you should be careful while you are grouped because if anyone in the group kills something other than a boss your Kill Track will record that kill as well. If you are doing a Greater Alliance and others in the group are doing a Lesser Alliance, ask them not to kill anything else (example: a mage may cast Inferno and kill creatures that will mess up your Greater Alliance).

Fact: When you start a Lesser or a Greater Alliance, it resets your Kill Track to zero. Therefore, you can not use bosses from a previous alliance for the new one. If you kill 3 Monkeys Avengers and 3 Spirit Monkeys and THEN go to the Mythic Tiger NPC to start a Lesser Alliance, you will have wasted your time killing the 6 Monkey bosses.

II. Kill Track Explanation and Examples

The Nexus Kill Track records all of your kills as an array (list). It tracks the creatures you kill and the number you kill of each creature. Your character information, including your Kill Track list, is saved in the game database when you logoff. The Kill Track saves ONLY the last 8 types of creatures you have killed. Each creature is a kill type and the database will record up to 255 kills of a single creature. For example, a Red hare and a Yellow Hare are two different kill types. You can have 255+ Red Hare and 255+ Yellow Hare on your saved Kill Track record.

When you kill something, the kill type goes to the top of the array. If you have killed this type of creature recently, then only the ranking number changes. However if you have not killed that type of creature recently, the kill type goes to the first position "pushing" the 8th ranked type in the 9th position. If you log off at this moment, the 9th type of creature and the number you have killed of that kill type will be wiped off your Kill Track.

Rank Creature Type Number of Kills
1. Rabbit 120
2. Squirrel 2
3. Red hare 5
4. Snow king 1
5. Spirit Pig 1
6. Pig Avenger 2
7. Zinte 1
8. Maletic 2

In the array above, we'll suppose the person is on a Lesser Alliance with Snakes. If the person kills 4 new types of creatures and 10 more squirrels, the pig bosses will be in positions 8 and 9 but the squirrel does not push them further down. For this example the player has killed a Lesser Ghost, Brown Ghost, Lesser Skeleton and Pale Zombie. If the character is saved at that moment, the bosses will be wiped off of the Kill Track and the current count of Pig bosses will be lost.

Rank Creature Type Number of Kills
1. Lesser Ghost 10
2. Brown Ghost 1
3. Lesser Skeleton 15
4. Pale Zombie 5
5. Rabbit 120
6. Squirrel 12
7. Red Hare 5
8. Snow king 1
9. Spirit pig 1
10. Pig Avenger 2

If you log off at this point, you will lose both Pig bosses because they are not in the saved Kill Track of 8 creatures. If the you kill 1 of each Pig boss before you log off, the Kill Track becomes:

Rank Creature Type Number of Kills
1. Pig Avenger 3
2. Spirit Pig 2
3. Lesser Ghost 10
4. Brown Ghost 1
5. Lesser Skeleton 15
6. Pale Zombie 5
7. Rabbit 120
8. Squirrel 2
9. Red hare 5
10. Snow king 1

All you have to do while on an alliance, is make sure the bosses you kill always stay in the first 8 positions, preferably in the top of the array. In the case shown, the Snake NPC will check your array for Pig Avenger and Spirit Pig. This example is for a player doing a Lesser Alliance with Mythic Snake. If there are AT LEAST 3 of each of Pig boss, the Snake NPC then looks in your inventory for the items you were asked to bring. If the items are found, the Snake NPC will take them and reward you.

Nagnang Rogue Tutor