Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Tab Feature
Date :12/8

Here is a short explanation on how to use the Tab Feature.

1. Click the Tab button one time (1x).

2. Target whoever you would like the tab feature to be on.
   (move cursor to the player and press enter)

3. Double press Tab (click 2x).

4. Hold down your heal button.
  (You do not have to press enter, just hold down heal macro).

      To escape from this mode just press the Esc button.
      To target yourself just use the Home button.
       While double tabbed (when your cursor is on a fighter)
      you can move, talk, use emotions, or do anything else,
       you can also Inspire, HB, and Invoke!


Sinchan Theraveda,
Buya Poet Tutor

<b>Edited by MoonWater