Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Civil Servants
Date :12/8

          Poets and Warriors and Mages and Rogues.


In these times of the Nexus, I have seen much battering, bantering, name calling, and extreme disrespect towards those who work so hard for the community to make it a better place.

Let's have a little lesson on this one.  Without these people who provide things to us every day, from events to justice, from Clan Events, to Subpath Roleplay, our community would be completely different.  It is instilled in each and every one of us to make a difference in our inherited community, but what do each of us have to offer?

Some, feel they have hunting skills to offer.  The Tutors feel they have knowledge to share.  The Carnage Hosts, time for our enjoyment, and the Subpaths/Clans, efforts to make our lands a more productive, friendly and roleplay oriented community.

I do not ask that you love them.  I do not ask that you shower them with gifts and presents and kisses.  Instead, I ask that you offer each of them respect, and maybe even a word of thanks.  Without their help, we would never have our games, our enjoyment, our sense of awe, and our Kingdom of the Winds that we love.

Please join me in giving a big Thank you to all the Archons, Carnage  Hosts, Fox Hunt Hosts, Ministry Members, Government Members, Subpath Elders and Guides, Clan Primogens and Council, Tutors, Judges, and everyone else who makes an effort to better our communities.  Your contributions do not go unnoticed.

<b>          Scribed by,
         -Samaruhi PoeticTruth
         -Poet Tutor of Koguryo