Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Subpath Areas
Date :12/9

These are the areas for each Subpath. They usually hold events here, so check Community events for events.

Barbarian: Wilderness (0003 0154) Close to Baekho temple.
Chongun: Dae Shore (0058 0006) Close to Chu Rua.
Do: (0009 0002) Inside Sanhae Hall.

Merchant: Koguryo (0100 0159) Close to Chestnut field.
Spy: Oh-mudum crypt (0010 0016) Accessed via kug south gate.
Ranger: Wilderness (0052 0033) Next to the Wilderness weaver.

Diviner: Koguryo (0126 0169) Next to Goh hut.
Geomancer: Wilderness (0213 0107) North of Neutral Village.
Shaman: Islets (0045 0049) Close to covered bridge.

Druid: Wilderness (0053 0198) Way left from Ju jak Shrine.
Monk: Dae Shore (0039 0008) Left of Chongun rooms.
Muse: Islets (0068 0008) Close to Mantis entrance.

-Fire Prophet

(Edited by Nussan & Nayuki)