Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Subpath: FAQ (2)
Date :12/9

<b>"I'm having trouble because I don't speak/write/read English <b>well."

This is not uncommon here - many people are not from the US and even some who are speak English as a second language. Most guides are able to interpret what you mean in spite of grammatical errors, but if you are really struggling, tell the Guide. Often there might be someone in the path or Guide circle who speaks the same language you do. If that's the case, a transfer may be permitted so that you can train with someone who understands you better, and who you can understand.

<b>"When's it important to be IC?"

I promise you your guide is watching you whether you know it or not. If you're going OOC in a hunt, he may watching through the eyes of the poet or the mage. If you're being a rude little twit in the Elixer, he may be the little warrior on your team. There is -no- place a potential should be going OOC, unless he really doesn't care about getting accepted into the path of his choosing. And afterwards, the standard still applies.  Does your path allow OOC in carnage? Stay IC. Does your path allow OOC in circle? Stay IC. Does your path allow OOC in caves? Stay IC. Why? You may just find yourself being a future Guide.

<b>"How do I get better at roleplaying?"

Hang out with people who roleplay. Visit Subpath areas and watch how people behave. Hang out not only in events, but just in random hours when there are people just being themselves. You will see some truly amazing roleplay. And while your'e there, notice when the members of those paths fall OOC, how bad it makes them look. Remember not to make the same mistake yourself later.

-Written by Tangles.