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Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Subpath: FAQ (1)
Date :12/9


These are some questions and answers that people who seek to join a Subpath might find useful!


<b>"How do I get a subpath scroll?"

In some paths any walker can get you a scroll, in some paths you can only get a scroll from a guide. When in doubt, ask! "Excuse me, can you help me find a scroll for your path?" If they can't, they'll let you know who to talk to. There is one notable exception to this guideline, and that is the Spy subpath. Their scroll is not available for the asking, and I cannot advise you on how to obtain one.
 Druid         Any library or Druid grove
  Muse          Any library or Muse garden
  Monk          Any library or Monk area
 Ranger        Any library or Ranger area
  Diviner       Any library or Tao Te Ching
 Chongun       Any Library
 Geomancer     Geomancer cave in Wilderness
 Barbarian     Barbarian cave in Wilderness
 Do            Trade 1 Fox blade for it with a Do
 Shaman        Obtain from a Shaman Guide
 Merchant      Buy from a Merchant Guide
 Spy           Buy from a Spy Guide

<b>"I've read the scroll, now how do I find a guide?"

Naturally each path has different ways of selecting potential members. But you can visit the user page at
Just insert the name of the path you're interested in, and you can see all guides listed for your reference. If you've read the path scroll, you should have an idea of how the path would like you to proceed. Some want you to wait and be noticed, others want you to seek out a guide more actively. If here is not an application process listed in the scroll, then there is a fairly standard mode of application which may work for you.

Take a look at the user list and look for guide names which you see around a good bit. You want someone active. Now create a letter of introduction. A little information about yourself,  ((your CHARACTER)) and a request for further instruction. Make sure your request fits the RP of the path in question. A Barbarian guide isn't looking for some humble young warrior seeking guidance. Nor is a Do guide looking for an arrogant warrior with blood on his clothes.

<b>"My guide gave me a task I don't understand."

Some tasks might be designed to make you think - or to test your ability to think under odd situations.  Some might be just to see how you react. But if you truly do not understand what is intended by your task, -ASK-.  Politely explain that you are having trouble understanding the intent of the task - make it clear you aren't asking for the answer, just for clarification.

<b>"I haven't heard from my guide in a week. What should I do?"

If you think you've been waiting too long, and may have been forgotten, send a nice note to your guide. Just ask how they've been, inform them of your progress ((IC - your character's experiences since last  communication)) and let them know you haven't heard from them in a while and wanted to check in. This serves to remind them that you exist, without accusing them of being lazy. Remember that your guide is teaching many other people besides yourself, and honestly could forget to send one letter out.

<b>"I tried all that, but now it's been a month."

Ok, if you've been waiting for your guide for a month, and you've sent a reminder or two that you exist, there are two main possibilities.

A. Your guide has dropped you and simply chose not to tell you.
B. Your guide has gone inactive/stepped down/expired.

Either way, you proceed the same way - Send a note to the elder of the path, informing them that you are concerned since you haven't seen your guide in some time, and asking whether you should be patient or seek another guide. But be careful - Some guides may test your patience and dedication in this way, and your method of dealing with the situation could be what they are watching to see.