Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Ways to obtain and lose Karma
Date :12/9

<b>Ways to obtain Karma

It seems as though Karma is becoming more and more important in the community, as everyone cannot seem to get enough of it.

Ways to Obtain Karma:
1. Mentor New Character - 1 point
2. Worship Totem Animal - 1/8 point
3. Specialization of skill - less than 1 point
4. I-ching readings - varies
5. Experience sales - 1/3 point
6. Joining Dog Subpath - 1 point
7. Minor Quest - 1/3 point
8. Revels & Story contest winner - 1 point
9. Judging a Revel - (unknown)
10. Weaver or Tailor of Magical Net - 1 point
11. Various quests -Mythic lesser alliance - 1-3 points
         Mythic greater alliance - 4 points
         Aided Chu Rua - 1 point
         Join NPC subpath - 1 point
         Hello from Dusk to Ghost (Nagnang shield) - 1 point
         3 week "Wisdom" test - 1/3 point

<b>Losing Karma - Negative Karma

1. Armor quests - After completing a armor quest, and attaining the required karma to receive the garment it usually drains your soul, and brings you down to Snake automatically. (wind is the exception to this)

2. Leaving a Subpath/Cleansing - A subpath is a big commitment, and should be a one-time decision of fate, but sometimes we are misguided so we seek a new destiny.  It comes at a heavy price of karma if you decide to abandon your home.  It normally takes around 5 points on your soul, but if you are low before you leave it will just take you right to Snake.

3. San karma requirements - San spirit trial requirements for Il/Ee/Sam tend to take the karma as a sacrifice for your advancement, but won't take you to negative.

4. Faerie Light - If you choose to honor yourself with this weapon it will consume your entire spirit to light it's ever brightness, but won't take you to negative.

5. Jailing - Being jailed for any crime will take away significant amount of your spirit. I'm not sure how much or if it takes you to snake automatically but I don't suggest trying to find out.

6. Staff of the Elements quest - Takes a small amount of karma, around 2 points.

<b>Ways out of negative karma

1. Forgiveness from a Monk guide - This method only works if the person that seeks it is in Snake karma only, not Rat. Every guide has their own quest for this, and it can be known to be costly to those that aren't very wealthy. These will 90% of the time automatically bump you back to good standing after gathering all the items needed for the service.  It has been known not to move you from negative, which just usually means it will need to be performed again (the guide usually doesn't charge for a second cast if the first didn't successfully aid you).

2. Mentor out of it - You can still mentor your way out of negative karma, but it can be quite costly if you have to buy the service of a young peasant. Depending how low your karma was before it went down will determine how many mentors you will need to get back to good standing, so it can be more than one mentor.

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