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Author :Poet Tutor MoonWater
Subject :Joining Hyun Moo
Date :12/9

Level Required: 99
Prerequisite: Blessed by the Watcher
Karma Needed: Ox
How to Begin: Say Hyun Moo to Baek in a NorthWest Kugnae Shop.

The first step to joining an NPC Subpath is to be blessed by the  watcher.
How exactly is this achieved?
Walk *above* the North Gate in Buya and travel west until you reach  an area with a bunch of rabbits jumping around.

Walk around this area until you recieve a popup that says
"Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a rabbit watching you.  It seems to smile slightly at you, and bounds away."

If the watcher runs away, you do not have enough karma, and cannot advance... You need at least Ox Karma to be blessed by the watcher.
Also be sure you have joined the Dog Subpath. To Do so go to your appropriate dog and say "Secret". More information on Dogs can be found in the Dog Linguist quest.

Choose "Yes, the Subpaths hold nothing for me." If you wish to join Dog.

Now that you have been blessed by the watcher, go to Baeks shop in  Northwest Kugnae and say Ju jak to him. You must be 99 for this to work. You must also not be a member of a PC Subpath!

Since you have completed the Watcher part, he will get right down to  business. He will give you a list of things to bring him:

 1 Mythic Favor
10 Splendid Tiger Pelts
1,000,000,000 ( 1 Billion ) Experience
Be sure to bring all of these items at once! If you do not, you risk losing a LOT of experience or the items listed above!

Once you have all the appropriate sacrifices, say Hyun Moo one more time.

Baek will take the items from you and you will become a member of the totem god's subpath!



Here are the steps to gain a Life Lance (Enchanted Life Lance, Il, Ee and Sam).

You will need these things:
             200,000,000 Exp (200 Mil)
              Over 50 Will
             Over 50 Grace
             Over 50 Might

What will be Taken:
             200,000,000 Exp (200 Mil)
             3 Will
             3 Grace
             3 Might
             100 Vita
             100 Mana

1. Go to Hausson

2. Go to Runag Smith (0042, 0029)

3. Speak the name "Kimesh", You will get a pop up.

4. Choose "It is my honor to sacrifice" to lose all the
   things listed above. Or "I have made a mistake" if you do
   not wish to lose anything. If you pick "It is my honor
   to sacrifice"...

5. ... You will be given a Life Lance based on your
   progress of San.

Note: You must be the level of San to gain that staff, not just stats. So to get an Il san Ju jak staff you must be Il san by mark.

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