Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor Sayomi
Subject :A Poets Promise
Date :7/12

<b>                                         A Poets Promise
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   Dancing upon  the  stage  under  the  glittering  lights,
 my heart filled with such joy as I  see  the  smiles  I've
 given. Such a joy and gift it is t be  a  Muse.. But  then
 the night grows old and the lights begin to dim. The faces
 begin to fade and the stage is as bare as  the deserts  of
 shilla. This night  now  becoming an  everlasting  dream..
 One of faded smiles and laughter.

   I now roam through the mysteries of  Nagnang  without  a
 purpose nor aim. My delicate feet grow weary of such rough
 terrain. Along the way I spot a young poet by the name  of
 KiyonJyon. Her face as pale and  lost  as  mine. I  notice
  that she holds a broken axe in her hand  and she  seemed a
 bit perplexed. I began to slowly walk  twords  her as  her
  head turns to look twords me. I give her a  asuring  smile
 and hold out my hand. "Mind if I take a look?" She  seemed
 hesitant but gently put the broken  axe in my  hand. "Well
 this surely is no good for cutting wood!  Little  one, why
 have you not gone and bought a new axe?" She  simply  bows
 her head and sighs, " I don't know where to  get them..and
 no one that I've asked has helped me..." I could  feel  my
 heart sink into  my  stomach. Allthough  this  was such  a
  minimul thing. She seemed so lost, as if that axe was  her
 world and no one would help her repair it... I smiled back
 at her and grabbed her hand. "Come along, I will show  you
 where to get a new axe!" Her face seemed to beem  with joy,
 just as the faces I had seen on the  Muses  stage  ever so
 long ago. Such a beautiful smile she had..
   I took her along with me  through  the great  wilderness
 to find the  secluded  Carpenter  who  sells  Axes to  the
  outside communities. I bought the young poet  a brand  new
 shiny axe and  told her  to  be  carefull  with  this  one.
  "Thank you so much miss Sayomi." She smiled at  me like  a
 child would at her own mother. With  that, she  went  back
  on her long journey with a new  faith  in  mind I  hope. I
 was once again left in the darkness but  this  time, there
 was a guiding light. What better  joy  then to  know  that
 you have helped someone  out  of  their  darkenss, and  in
  turn you are even lifted of  your  own, even  for  just  a
 moment. From that day I vowed to help any who are  in need,
 even if I do not know all the answers, Im  certainly  wise
 enough  to  point  them  in  the  right  direction. I  now
  continue my deeds with the honored tutors of the Kingdoms.
 Nussan has lifted me completely out of  the  darkness  and
 now I  shine  bright  like  the  northern  star,  guideing
  those that are lost and in peril. I hope that no  one  has
 to be lost in the darkness for too long. If you feel  that
 you are, just look up in the  sky  or  just  around. There
 is always a guideing light to help you~

<b>        (\/)~ Sayomi Arii` Savant
<b>           /\/agnang Poet Tutor