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Author :Poet Tutor Sayomi
Subject :~ !Poets Restore Quest! ~
Date :7/12

<B>                       Poets Restore Quest
<b>                    ------------------------

Level Required : 99 Poet
Prerequisite : Complete Dog Linguist quest
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin : Visit The Old Man and The Old Dog in the Wilderness

<b>                              Steps
<b>                          -------------

1. Visit Old Man and Old Dog at their hut in the Wilderness.
The Old Man is not the one you need to speak with. Click the  
Old Dog who tells you to kill the infamous Storm in the Tiger Palace.

2. Collect all 8 trigram keys which you need to unlock your spirit to enter the Tiger Palace. It is best to collect at
least 2 sets and bring a higher level player with you to help kill Storm.

3. Each person entering the Tiger Palace must have a complete trigram keyset and hand them to Unlocked Spirit. You must hand them in precise order. Once your spirit is unlocked, your
party can find Storm in Rose Palace.

<b>      Phrase                             Key
<B>   -------------                    --------------    
"Sit still"                          Key to Pond
"Create"                             Key to Heaven
"Explode into activity"              Key to Fire
"Be soft and furious"                Key to Wind
"strike first"                       Key to Thunder
"supple and receiving"               Key to Water
"disperse everything"                Key to Earth
"gather it back in again"            Key to Mountain

<b> The co-ordinates shown below give the location to exit the <b>room in the 1st column and enter the room in the 2nd column:

Earth Palace   --> Sea Palace      0000 0011
Sea Palace     --> Labyrinth       0000 0017
Labyrinth      --> Sun Palace      0015 0000
Sun Palace     --> Earth Stripes   0018 0000
Earth Stripes  --> Sun Splash      0000 0013
Sun splash     --> Elancia         0000 0019
Elancia        --> Cross Palace    0010 0023
Cross Palace   --> Rose Palace     0013 0000
Rose Palace    --> *Sun Heart*     0015 0001
Sun Heart      --> Last Remorse    0028 0009

4. Kill Storm and return to the Old Dog in the Wilderness. Do NOT kill anything else along the way. Make sure you have an empty spell slot.

Tips: Storm can easily kill Poets with 30k vita or less with one mighty ROAR! spell which he casts when nearly dead.
Because death is a very real prospect, do not wear anything
that can break on death (BOD). We suggest Purple rings and any Earth level armor esepcially drapery/mantle. A Bekyun's spear will enhance your will. Bring along higher level players to
help kill Storm. You can be part of a group as long as you get experience then your quest will succeed. Be sure to ungroup immediately after Storm has died and do not kill anything else until you complete Step 5 below.

- Sell all experience before you enter the Tiger Palace.
- You can use summons creatures with the Call of the Wild
 spell to assist with the kill.
- Make sure that Storm is attacking you or someone in your
 group before you kill him.
(Special thanks to Moridin for testing that you can be
 grouped for this quest now.)

5. Return to the Old Dog in the Wilderness and click him. You will learn the spell Restore!

Items Lost to Sacrifice: 1 key set for each person entering

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice : None

Rewards :
- 50,000,000 experience (52,500,000 at totem time)
- Small Karma increase
- Poet restore spell
- New legend mark

      Walkthrough done by Nexus Atlas and associates.
  For How to forget restore, please refer back to post #20

<b>    (\/)~ Sayomi Arii` Savant
<b>       /\/agnang Poet Tutor